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I am an artist who is also business minded, and I enjoy creating my own opportunities.  I thrive on learning new skills and doing jobs that frighten me.  I’m adaptable, and feel very confident about the ability to do many creative jobs with skill, which is why you'll often see me wearing many hats.  Whether you work with me, or not, I am going to be a force in this industry, and I intend to do so with purpose.


"When Ms. Battoe smiles, so do we – and we want her to keep making us smile.”

     -  Laurel Belgreen, Screenpicks


“winsome and charming”

     – Backstage West

"Battoe's reading is crisp, clean, and well paced. Her version of the [character] is full of wonder, horror, and amazement, and she nimbly handles the book's more steamy moments."  

     – Publishers Weekly

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